I’d like to share an amazing experience I had last month. We had our first Front Class Leadership Seminar, which took place in Amirim, a village in the north of Israel near Galilee. Twenty amazing graduates of the Jungian Coaching School came from different countries to create its team of teachers. The objective was not to introduce more theoretical instruction, but rather to create synergy and integration, to develop the Jungian Coaching School’s vision, and to empower each of them by developing their leadership qualities. They came from around the world – the US, South Africa, Portugal, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, and Israel – and they displayed a surprisingly powerful potential for collaboration, creativity, responsibility, and the ability to act under stressful conditions. They participated in daily workshops like building leadership skills and developing the intellectual ability to survey and lecture, they maintained intensive peer coaching sessions, and they performed outstanding and amusing learning activities. They did all this even while traveling in the shuttle and while enjoying relaxing evenings eating dinner at wonderful restaurants. For all this, completion of the seminar earned the participants a CCE diploma.




During this intensive week, we connected as a group and as individuals to several archetypes like Psychic Libido, Conjunction, Individuation, Psychic Equilibrium, Human Mythology and Psychic Creation.

Let me tell you about the unconscious assets which allowed for the creation of an environment for the group to be united and cohesive.Two days before the arrival of the participants in Amirim (an assignment which itself challenged them from day one as they were responsible to arrange their own travel to the north of the country via the Israeli train system – a three-hour ride), Nir Beno came to stay at my place near Amirim. Nir is a faithful student of mine, a graduate of the Jungian Coaching School, and a certified body-psyche healer. He took over the role of the executive manager for this week-long operation. With his well-developed Anima, Nir provided the group with all the maternal needs they could have ever imagined. Having Nir assume this archetypal nurturer role enabled me to take the Ruler-Hero function required to manage this complex week. During those two preparatory days prior to the seminar, Nir and I experienced the deep bond of the Conjunctio Archetype (the “the unity of opposite poles referring to sexual intercourse in its spiritual sense”). Nir’s young spirit, careful attention to every detail, immense emotional IQ, romantic enthusiasm, and high level of sensitivity and intuition merged with my traits of ambition, need for achievement, and high expectations for my future intellectual children to acquire the skills and leadership traits they need to be great coaches and teachers.