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Izabela Jastrzebowska
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Vicdan Merter – Testimonial about the Jungian Coaching Program



Vicdan Merter


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Andrew Lavin

When I heard Avi started a Jungian Coaching, I knew it would be not only adding to my coaching toolkit, but also it would be the right support for my transformation. Over the course of 6 months of Jungian Coaching School, I have not only strengthened my coaching competencies and gained a fantastic toolkit (literally a kit with tools Avi has created that enable me as a coach to activate my client in service of their goals), I also worked on my ego/self/shadow, femininity (and animus), my dominant archetypes as well as the other archetypes I could recruit to assist me in different times/situations. Most prominently I launched on a quest as a “Hero” myself with the genius Hero Quest tool. 15 of us all came with different aspirations, and left with similar ecstasy… Avi is a brilliant mind, somewhat a magician simplifying Jung to the level of practicality for the service of coaching business.

Selin İstanbullu Ozcagri
Coach, HR Consultant

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