To be published by Routledge Publications


Introduction to Jungian Coaching by Dr. Avi Goren-Bar, published by Routledge Publishing House, London.
This book is an innovative and original contribution to the field of the coaching profession. In a didactic manner using practical examples, Dr. Goren-Bar turns C.G. Jung’s esoteric profound psychoanalytic theory into a practical coaching tool. The book is divided into five chapters: Background Information, From Jungian Psychology to Jungian Coaching, The Practice of Jungian Coaching, Archetypes Applied to Coaching and Epilogue. This book is highly recommended for coaches, executives, human resources, leaders and people who show curiosity in Jungian Psychology.
Dr. Goren-Bar currently offers a six modules ICF-ACSTH online coaching school, which is based on the book, plus a kit of coaching cards and games which are explained in the book.