Recording of Webinar: Instincts in Jungian Coaching

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The webinar “Instincts in Jungian Coaching,” delivered by Dr. Avi Goren-Bar, offers a fascinating exploration of the role of instincts in the context of Jungian coaching.

Throughout the webinar, Dr. Goren-Bar delves into the concepts of Jungian theory and how instincts play a crucial role in shaping our psyche and influencing our interactions with the world around us.  He illustrates how understanding and harnessing our instincts can lead to more profound self-awareness and transformational coaching outcomes.

Please note that this recording was made during a live event, and as such, there might be some minor disturbances or technical glitches in the video. However, the content and insights shared by Dr. Goren-Bar remain invaluable and thought-provoking, making this webinar a must-watch for individuals interested in deepening their understanding of Jungian coaching and the significance of instincts in personal growth and coaching practice.

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