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Carl Jung established analytical psychology. He advanced the idea of introvert and extrovert personalities and the power of the unconscious.

He is best known for his studies on the human psyche, dream analysis, collective unconscious and archetypes.


Jungian Coaching provides coachees, managers, and individuals with innovative perspectives on situations, events, and processes at work and in life. It enables individuals to see and comprehend invisible psychological contents which activate their behavior.

It also provides the coachee or employee with a vocabulary of words and concepts which explain the behavioral phenomena. It develops team symbolic thinking, and team understanding of unconscious motivations and conflicts.

It helps the coachee to discover the meaning behind his or her suffering, frustration, blocked states, and indecision, and to accept ambiguity. It charges their rational, functioning mind with imaginative and creative ideas which might not find expression in other ways.

Jungian Coaching also introduces the organization’s culture to feminine elements such as the expression of feelings, containment, tolerance, and nurturing, which are often lacking in the corporation. It encourages creative thinking, imagination, thinking outside the box, and original initiative. It bonds the individual to the collective past, present, and future of his or her own life as well as his or her business and helps identify the company’s vision.

Jungian coaching is a combination of high intellectual learning with deep emotional experience. It not only gives new skills and techniques but also initiates a growing process for the coach, organization, and every learner. It enables the coachee and organization to understand unconscious drives and motivations of themselves and the organization as a whole. Finally, it develops critical leadership competencies such as confidence and resilience, communication and impact, leadership and teamwork, effectiveness and efficiency, and creativity and innovation.


Understand your client more deeply

Read unconsciousness of your client

Empower your client against his/her shadows and weaknesses

Turn weaknesses to strengths

Enable your clients’ creativity

Support your client to become a hero of his/her journey


The Jungian Coach relates to the coachee (Ego), who brings up a dilemma (conscious level). The aim of the coaching session is to dive into the coachee’s imagination (unconscious) and have a dialogue with the coachee’s symbols (Self-images), which resonates with the dilemma. The Jungian Coaching Method uses two mental techniques, associations (transcendent) and compensatory functions, as the client eventually arrives at significant insights which increase his/her awareness in the here and now. All the coachees’ dilemmas are practiced through the Jungian Coaching Cards, which represent the archetypes of Persona, Shadow, Anima and Animus, Hero, and Leadership styles.

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