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Accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for Approved Coach-Specific Training Hours (ACTP) Complete the program to be entitled for a Level 2 Diploma or join one module at a time (CCE).

Dates of the 7th Generation

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If you have missed the start of the program, you can still enroll and make up for the modules you have missed to get your ICF credentials

  • Module 1  Introduction to Jungian Coaching & Symbolic Thinking – November 16-19
  • Module 2  Coaching Competencies, Ethics and the Coaching Contract – December 15-17
  • Module 3 Feminine & Masculine Archetypes – January 19-21
  • Module 4 The Hero’s Quest – February 16-18
  • Module 5 Leadership Archetypes – March 8- 10
  • Module 6 Jungian Coaching Toolbox & MBTI  Typology – April 12- 14

Jungian Coaching is a unique coaching technique, that qualifies professionals to become professional coaches, professional coaches to extend their toolbox and individuals in their self actualization. The program is Online, with participants aroungd the globe, with 125 Hours of trainings spread into 6 modules that takes place over Six Months. Different generations of the program offer different Days and Hours of training to accomodate the needs of our students from all around the world.

Jungian Coaching is an ICF – ACSTH (Level 1) accredited program, currently finalizing the accreditatio process for ACTP (Level 2). Graduating the program, the participants receive a diploma as a Jungian Coach. If the graduates of the program desire to go through the ICF (ACC/PCC) accrediattion process, they may participate in the Mentoring Practicum Program (Here give link), which is one of the pre-requisits of ICF accreditation.

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About this Program

This program was created by Dr. Avi Goren-Bar, CEO, PCC, Co-Active CTI Coach, Jungian Coach, Clinical Psychologist, and creator of the Jungian Coaching Method. Alongside Dr. Goren-Bar stands his leading, experienced faculty.

6 Modules – Monthly Online Meetings 

1st Module – 4 Days

2nd through 6th Modules – 3 Days

6 Hours of theory, experiential learning, and practical training each day. Each day will have four 15-minute breaks.

Total of 125 learning hours that meet the ICF. 

training requirements for ACC and PCC credentialing.

Who is it For?

This program is suitable for coaches, business owners, company executives, marketers and anyone who works with people and wants to understand the human operating system in depth. It has practical tools for integration into the day-to-day work of professionals as well as individual life situations.

This coach training program is unique because it is extremely creative, highly interactive, and involves students from all over the world. It is structured sophistically because the cohort of students is accompanied by former graduates of the program who attend the modules with them, lead small-group practice sessions with the students during the modules, and provide one-on-one mentoring in the month between the modules. Most uniquely, on the last date of each module the students gain valuable coaching experience by coaching a volunteer whom they have previously arranged.

What are Jungian Coaching Kit – Tools Sets & Cards

Jungian Coaching Method takes very deep and complex Jungian Concepts and apply them to a practicle and easy to use coaching tools. Dr. Avi Goren-Bar, through years of his study in Jungian Analysis and Coaching, has developed the Jungian Coaching Kit – Tools, Sets & Cards that are used during the coaching sessions. The Jungian Coaching Kit is posted (by mail) to the address of every student before the start of the program. The students have an opportunity to use and practice with these cards on every module of the training. The Jungian Coaching Kit helps the coaches to accompany their coachees to arrive to deep and meaningful insights very accurately and fast. This enables the coachees to come up with insights, create roadmaps, make decisions, and most importantly define a strategy to move forward in their dilemma.

Module 1 – Ego Functioning Assessment (“The Pizza”); “Getting to Know You,” an assessment tool for corporate employees; Ego-Self Dialogue Chart; and 24 Archetypes of the Psyche & Organization cards.

Module 2 – ICF Competencies chart, Persona Business Card.

Module 3 – Feminine & Masculine Principles, an assessment tool for individuals and teams; Being & Doing Coaching Cards.

Module 4 – The Hero’s Quest Board and cards for challenges in life and career.

Module 5 – The 24 Leadership Archetypes Board; cards for team and executive coaching; an assessment tool for leadership archetype style.

Module 6 – Jungian Coaching version of the MBTI Assessment Tool


What Will You Achieve in This Module?

In this module attendants will learn the basic vocabulary of Jungian Coaching for both individual and corporate clients. This includes the concepts of archetypes, transcendence, compensatory function, and non-rational thinking. In addition, learners will be trained to think symbolically in order to be able to use symbols, metaphors and images in coaching. On the last day, students will practice in an actual Jungian Coaching session with their volunteer coachee to encourage assimilation and integration of their learning.

What Will You Achieve in This Module?

Based on the ICF (International Coaching Federation) competencies, attendants will review the socialization of the coaching profession. They will learn how to create a coaching contract and the logistics of managing a coaching session. They will develop coaching skills and modes of communication. On the last day, the students will practice actual Jungian Coaching with their volunteer coachee to integrate their learning.

How will you be transformed?

You will discover you, like everyone, have both masculine and feminine qualities and how that is relevant to work and life. You will learn to identify and effectively use those two qualities of your personality and why it is important to integrate them both. This will extend your capacity to relate to the people in your professional and personal life. If you are a woman, you will improve your ability to use your femininity as well as your masculine (“animus”) qualities. If you are a man you will extend your affective potential in relating to people through your feminine qualities (“anima”). On the last day, students will practice and integrate the skills they’ve developed by conducting a Jungian Coaching session with their volunteer coachee.

Will You Gain Any Diagnostic Skills in This Program?

We will go on a Jungian theory-based “Hero’s Quest.” This is highly experiential and develops our emotional awareness. Students will be encouraged to share real scenarios from their professional life and analyze them through the lens of Jungian theory and concepts. They will reframe problems and set up interventions and techniques for a more effective work and personal environment. On the last day, students will practice actual Jungian Coaching with their volunteer coachee, assuring practical integration of their learning.

How Will This Module Better Orient You?

This module relates mostly to corporate and team coaching. Based on Corbett and Pearson’s book Mapping the Organizational Psyche, the module introduces 12 Leadership Archetypes and their corresponding shadows. Guided by an observation form, students identify the dominant archetypes at work in team or group settings and learn how to use the 24 Leadership coaching cards. On the last day, students practice Jungian Coaching with their volunteer coachee to and begin to integrate all of the tools that they have learned thus far in the program.

What About Integrating All You’ve Learned and Assuring Its Practical Application?

This module provides a comprehensive integration of the previous five modules. Students are introduced to the MBTI (Meyers-Briggs) assessment tool, learn the Jungian-oriented theory underlying it, and discover its application in Jungian coaching. Students will also extend their non-rational thinking, expand their imagination and creativity, and deepen their emotional intelligence in order to become more effective coaches. This module provides the essential knowledge to decide which Jungian Coaching tool to use to best support the coachee with their stated dilemma. On the last day, students will practice Jungian Coaching with their volunteer coachee, assuring practical integration of their learning. Having gone through the six modules together, the class members will have become a very close community, and so a heart-warming certificate ceremony is held on the last day of the program.

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Carl Jung established analytical psychology. He advanced the idea of introvert and extrovert personalities and the power of the unconscious.

He is best known for his studies on the human psyche, dream analysis, collective unconscious and archetypes.


Jungian Coaching provides coachees, managers, and individuals with innovative perspectives on situations, events, and processes at work and in life. It enables individuals to see and comprehend invisible psychological contents which activate their behavior.

It also provides the coachee or employee with a vocabulary of words and concepts which explain the behavioral phenomena. It develops team symbolic thinking, and team understanding of unconscious motivations and conflicts.

It helps the coachee to discover the meaning behind his or her suffering, frustration, blocked states, and indecision, and to accept ambiguity. It charges their rational, functioning mind with imaginative and creative ideas which might not find expression in other ways.

Jungian Coaching also introduces the organization’s culture to feminine elements such as the expression of feelings, containment, tolerance, and nurturing, which are often lacking in the corporation. It encourages creative thinking, imagination, thinking outside the box, and original initiative. It bonds the individual to the collective past, present, and future of his or her own life as well as his or her business and helps identify the company’s vision.

Jungian coaching is a combination of high intellectual learning with deep emotional experience. It not only gives new skills and techniques but also initiates a growing process for the coach, organization, and every learner. It enables the coachee and organization to understand unconscious drives and motivations of themselves and the organization as a whole. Finally, it develops critical leadership competencies such as confidence and resilience, communication and impact, leadership and teamwork, effectiveness and efficiency, and creativity and innovation.


Understand your client more deeply

Read unconsciousness of your client

Empower your client against his/her shadows and weaknesses

Turn weaknesses to strengths

Enable your clients’ creativity

Support your client to become a hero of his/her journey


The Jungian Coach relates to the coachee (Ego), who brings up a dilemma (conscious level). The aim of the coaching session is to dive into the coachee’s imagination (unconscious) and have a dialogue with the coachee’s symbols (Self-images), which resonates with the dilemma. The Jungian Coaching Method uses two mental techniques, associations (transcendent) and compensatory functions, as the client eventually arrives at significant insights which increase his/her awareness in the here and now. All the coachees’ dilemmas are practiced through the Jungian Coaching Cards, which represent the archetypes of Persona, Shadow, Anima and Animus, Hero, and Leadership styles.

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