Jungian Coaching Domestic Schools


A strong, devoted, local Jungian Coaching community has developed in Turkey. Our Turkish leadership team, consisting of Berrin, Vicdan, and Mehmet, offers our program in Turkish. They are currently teaching the 8th Turkish cohort using a hybrid training model that has both in-person and online elements. Modules one and six of the program are held in-person at our campus in Istanbul. Modules two through five are conducted online. This makes the program optimal for Turkish students living anywhere in the country, or even for those living abroad.

South Africa

Established in 2022, and now recruiting students for the 2nd cohort, the Johannesburg and Cape Town leadership teams offer an online program under “Jungian Coaching Africa.” Because African culture is highly symbolic and rich in metaphor, the Jungian Coaching program is a natural companion to consultation and coaching methods there. Dr. Rica, Belinda and Ruan provide students in the South African domestic school a unique, nurturing learning environment. 


The Jungian Coaching curriculum was most recently translated into Hebrew, and  the Israeli domestic school will celebrate the graduation of their first cohort in June 2023. The uniqueness of this domestic school is its very practical approach, with many of its students being corporate employees of the Hitech Nation. The program is led by Dr. Avi Goren Bar, Dalia, Noah, and Nir and will run annually.

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