Instincts in Jungian Coaching

Free Online workshop on 28 November, 19:30 PM – 21:00 PM, Israel timezone


On Monday, November 28th 2022, Dr. Avi Goren-Bar, the creator of the Jungian Coaching Method, will present an Instincts in Jungian Coaching online workshop.

In this webinar Dr. Avi Goren-Bar will bring forth the Jungian theoretical background which backs the “here and now” and “chair technique” used in Jungian Coaching. The Jungian concept of the “Instinct” hides under the well-known concept of Archetype and under the difference between Freud and Jung’s terms of “Instinct of life.” In Jung’s writings we can find many quotes relating to instincts: “the instincts and their specific fantasy-contents are partly concrete, partly symbolical, sometimes one, sometimes the other, and they have the same paradoxical character when they are projected.”
(The Psychology of Transference, C.G Jung 1954, pg. 11 Bollingen Series). In the webinar Avi will demonstrate the authenticity of the coachee’s instinctual response in working out a coaching dilemma. We shall see how the “primitive spontaneous fast instinct is indeed the best internal coach ever chosen.

The workshop is a zoom online free of charge event.