I would like to thank you for participating in the Jan. 4th live stream Facebook on dreams and for sharing your Dreams.

This was a significant contribution to the event!

We were fortunate to have 90 participants from different countries and you enabled me to share my knowledge in dream work in a coaching process.

As you know I have been practicing dream analysis for many years and this experience enables me to integrate a dream message, to decipher images and symbols and access archetypal wisdom to the client.

Here are the basic principles a coach should keep in mind when approaching a coahcee’s dream:

1. The dream derives from the client’s unconscious and should be taken as a gift brought to coaching. As such, it is granting great opportunity to comprehend the client’s unconscious decisions.

2. The more you investigate with your client the details of the dream , the more you both will understand the dream’s message. Do take the dream’s details as pieces of a whole puzzle which you wish to assemble.

3. There are Macro dreams, “Big dreams” which refer to existential issues the client is preoccupied with, and there are micro dreams which elaborate conscious daily dilemmas.

4. Do respect your choachee’s dreams with respect and containment, approach them with curiosity and try to grasp the ,message in the dream.

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Dreams From the Jungian Point of View

Stein (1998), a well-known Jungian, writes that “dreams are made out of these unconscious images, the complexes”. Samuels, who wrote The Post-Jungians, tells us (1985) that in relating to dreams, “Jung’s disagreement with Freud was over the question of manifest and latent dream content, Jung looked at dreams content as psychic facts”.